All breakfast briefings will start at 9am.

April 26th 2019 
Topic: How companies can engage with public and private funding and what they need to watch out for
Speaker: James Johnstone, Center for Process and Innovation

Accessing finance for Innovation is an essential skill for entrepreneurs to develop as companies grow. Innovation funding involves a complex set of schemes and support measures. Setting the right strategy and finding the right people to assist are critical for accelerated company development. Understanding the private and public mechanisms for funding can be confusing for senior company employees and directors.
CPI has considerable expertise in the commercialisation of technologies through its various projects and initiatives. The talk will present the success factors of innovation via its Innovation Integrator® scheme and then focus on the financial aspects. It will cover public funding mechanisms and how to access them in times of uncertainty. James will also explain how transparent communication of routes to market, business reimbursement models and value propositions are crucial to gaining funding support in today’s ultra-competitive grant funding environment.

James will be available for 1-2-1 pre-booked consultations. For those who wish to disclose more commercially sensitive information, pre-arranged NDAs can be concluded using CPI’s template for those who wish to. NDAs must be agreed at least 5 working days before the meeting.

May 31st 2019 
Topic: Contracts – Getting it right from the start
Speaker: Daryl Lant, Institute of Physics

Daryl Lant, Group Legal Adviser for the Institute of Physics, will take you through:

  • how to create a contract and how to avoid creating one before you are ready
  • key terms to consider including to ensure your business is protected and the benefits of using your own standard terms and conditions
  • what to look out when presented with another company’s contract

June 28th 2019 
Topic: Intellectual Property – The Basics, The Myths 
Speaker: Richard Bray, Appleyard Lees

We will take a quick look at the basics of intellectual property, just to get things moving, or to recap for those who have some knowledge in this area. Then, we will go through some practical myths and misconceptions in intellectual property, which can lead to hassle or expense if not avoided. Finally, we might take a look at a hot topic in the area of intellectual property, at the time of the talk.

Clinic: Intellectual property can be very valuable to your business, and sometimes its most important asset. At the same time intellectual property is a subtle and complex area, and by its very nature often involving aspects of confidentiality or sensitivity. With all of that in mind, it can be difficult to get quick and specific advice to questions that you might have, especially at an open event or talk, where such questions might come to mind. This is where these 1-to-1 clinics come in, where you have time to explore and gets answers to any issues that you might have, all at no cost. 

July 26th 2019
Topic: TBC 
Speaker: TBC

August 30th 2019
Topic: The value of CPD to you and your business
Speaker: Vishanti Fox

September 27th 2019 
Topic: Book keeping
Speaker: Sean Fox, Finance Director

October 25th 2019 
Topic: Access to finance (funding and grants)
Speaker: Mairi Dillon, Access to Funding & Finance - Knowledge Transfer Manager

November 29th 2019 
Topic: Access to finance 
Speaker: Mark Scibor-Rylski, University of Exeter

 Please note: We reserve the right to change the scheduled topics and 1:1 clinic sessions as required.